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Pink Snow (Ebb & Flow Series)

Posted by Jui Hsieh on
Pink Snow (Ebb & Flow Series)

Radiate harmony with inner balance.


Live a life that's well balanced, with an all-encompassing feeling of harmony. Balance isn't an inner-quality you can achieve someday, you can start right now. Slow down, take a deep breath and connect with the true beauty of nature for the stillness you desire. 


The benefits:

Achieve a calming balance to your skin for a glowing and harmonious complexion. The Pink Snow facial sheet mask has a fresh, woody and minty Eucalyptus scent, with regenerating and neutralizing qualities. 

  • A natural equilibrium for your skin, it maintains pH levels, ensures a healthy balance of acid mantle and protects against bacteria. 
  • Provides intensive moisture and essential fatty acids to help keep your skin hydrated, maintaining the strength of your skin's moisture barrier. 
  • Strengthens skin cells to aid effective function with the richness of topical antioxidants, that protect from environmental damage and stress. 
  • Helps to prevent free radical damage from exposure to the sun, pollution and other environmental toxins. 

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